There's no place like home..

Don't leave the privacy and peace of your own space to relax and de-stress. HomeBodies Couples Massage will bring a true spa-level therapeutic massage to your home, apartment or hotel room.

Hearts and Shapes
We will also be offering complimentary Champagne and Strawberry foot scrub with your spa services on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day Hours:
Sunday, February 14th  8am -7pm 

Unlike other on-demand spa service companies, HomeBodies Couples Massage is owned and operated by an experienced co-op of massage therapists, not a service based in another city. All of our five-star rated therapists are thoroughly vetted licensed and insured for over five years. 


Wellness and recovery services that give everyone the power to feel and function their best.


Homebodies In Home

Get same-day in-home massage, stretch, and mindfulness from the leaders in on-demand wellness.

Homebodies @ Work

Reduce stress, boost productivity, and build morale with workplace wellness programs on site or online.

Our Massage Therapists

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Basic enhancements, not add-ons

A  spa-level treatment should be an elevated experience. All HomeBodies massages, designed treatments include

Basic Enhancements

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Steamed Towels

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Hot Stones

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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Our Services

Deep Muscle Ease

HomeBodies Signature Deep Tissue Massage

Feel all your body’s aches, pains and tension just melt away! This technique is much slower and penetrating than Swedish and is used in conjunction with other techniques. Your therapist will use 2-3 hot stones in a targeted muscle or muscle group, soothing aromatherapy oils, as well as lotion formulated especially for deep-tissue, stimulating and neuromuscular techniques.

Lavender and Black Musk Lava Stone Massage

This is a deeply therapeutic and relaxing full body hot stone stone massage. Your therapist will use 6 hot stones and a luxurious blend of organic lavender and black musk oils to loosen and relax tight sore muscles. Black Musk has been used in Indian culture during spiritual practices traditions and the attar is sometimes in aromatherapy for healing pain and skin ailments.  When you finally emerge from this amazing experience, you will feel balanced and reinvigorated.

75 minutes -$
90 minutes $
There's No Place Like Home 
HomeBodies Signature Swedish Massage

Dorothy and her friends never had it this good!  Created to encourage full body relaxation, let the smooth, long strokes of this treatment transport you to the far away land Ahhhhs!!!  Our massage includes a complimentary 2-3 hot stones and relaxing aromatherapy oils or organic peppermint foot scrub treatment. The gentle (or firm if you choose) pressure and a slow pace will result in peace and serenity. And lucky you - there’s no need to click your ruby house slippers as you murmur, “There’s no place like home”…

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